The benefits of DermaSilk® come from its two main components: the Medical grade Silk and the Antimicrobial™.

While the smooth fibres of Medical Silk promote healing to the irritated skin the Antimicrobial™ acts by killing the bacteria that causes infections on the surface of the skin.

On direct contact with a micro-organism (bacteria and fungus) the Antimicrobial™ physically disrupts the cell membrane, there is no chemical reaction to the process therefore the micro-organism cannot develop resistance to DermaSilk®. The Microbe Shield™ is permanently bonded to the silk fibre, it doesn’t washes out, providing continuing protection and prevention to further flares up in the skin over the life span of the garment.

The Silk in DermaSilk® The Antimicrobial in DermaSilk®

Has hypoallergenic silk fibres

Has long, cylindrical and smooth silk fibres’, providing no friction to the irritated skin.

Is open knitted, allowing free air flow.

Enables skin to breathe, maintaining balanced temperature and moisture on the skin.

Is capable to absorb sweat (up to 30% of its weight), without becoming damp.

Is capable of destroying micro-organisms

Has been proven to be durable, effective and safe.

Has been verified.

Maintains long-lasting freshness.

 Does not migrate to the skin.

Does not migrate to the environment, non toxic.

Has been used for over 30 years in operating theatres and hospital bedding


The combination of hypoallergenic silk fibres and the Antimicrobial antibacterial properties offers a safe and new approach to the treatment and management of eczema.


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