DermaSilk’s effectiveness is dependent upon direct contact with the skin. Hence DermaSilk® should be used as under garments, in other words, worn underneath normal clothing.

It is important to know that if therapeutic creams, such as emollients and topical corticosteroids are used on the skin please make sure that they are completely absorbed before wearing DermaSilk® clothing.

Wear DermaSilk®  as an undergarment.

DermaSilk®  is designed to be lightweight and it needs to be close fitting and in contact with the skin at all times to be fully effective.

DermaSilk®  can be worn everyday and indefinitely. There are no side effects by wearing DermaSilk.

DermaSilk®  can be worn as long as needed, even when the skin appears calm to prevent flares.

When used in combination with topical creams, ensure that the cream is fully absorbed into the skin before DermaSilk®  clothing is worn.

DermaSilk®  Children garments are comfortable and easy to wear.