DermaSilk® is a range of therapeutic undergarments consisting of a modified knitted MEDICAL SILK fabric permanently bonded with a ANTIMICROBIAL
(AEM 5772/5).

DermaSilk® Therapeutic undergarments has been proven to be effective and represents a safe and new approach to the management of eczema and other types of dermatitis.

The pure knitted fibres of hypoallergenic silk in DermaSilk® combined with the protection of the Antimicrobial offer an efficient treatment, prevention and management for those who suffer from skin conditions.

DermaSilk®’s silk fibres are knitted in open weave, allowing free flow of air and moisture between skin and garments. This improves the temperature and moisture of the skin, and reduces overheat and sweat. 

DermaSilk® soothes the skin and helps reduce redness, itchiness and other discomfort associated with eczema and some types of dermatitis. The silk fibre is cylindrical, longer and smoother than cotton fibres. Silk has been proven to be significantly superior to irritated skin compared to cotton fibres.

Additionally, the Antimicrobial™ component of DermaSilk® provides anti-bacterial protection against a wide range of bacteria and fungi, without releasing any chemicals onto the skin, or to the environment.

With these unique and combined properties, DermaSilk® Therapeutic Undergarments represent a novel concept in the management of dermatological conditions. DermaSilk® is the nearest thing to a second skin.

DERMASILK ELITE - Comprising of a higher grade composition and construction compared to the original classic lines. The Elite range consists of 96% silk fibroin and 4% elastan, with the elastan thread totally covered by the fibroin threads so there is never contact of elastan with the skin. The Elite range is more stretchable and gives great comfortability.

DermaSilk® may be used in combination with other treatments. Please refer to Wear & Care instructions for further information on how to use DermaSilk.

Hypoallergenic Medical Silk + Antimicrobial = DERMASILK