Eczema can affect individuals of all ages and gender, the unceasing itch-scratch cycle can affect the quality of life of individuals and their families. It is important for people who have eczema to maintain the skin calm and clear from flares. 

Up to date, topical emollients, bath lotions/oils, moisturises alongside hydrocortisone creams and antibiotics have been the available treatments to manage eczema. DermaSilk® is a different concept and works differently on the affected skin.

DermaSilk® is a range of therapeutic clothing, designed to be used as an undergarment (first layer), providing ease for use and comfort, specially to babies and infants.

 DermaSilk® was developed and designed with allergy prevention technology; it’s a new approach, safe for individuals and for the environment. DermaSilk® improves irritated, red and itchy skin and enhance quality of life for the individual and family.

DermaSilk®’s efficacy has been clinically proven in a number of clinical studies. DermaSilk offers:

Regulates skin temperature and moisture. Hypoallergenic silk fabric.
 Easy to use. Clinically proven
Reduces itching and scratching. Easy to care garments
Reduces redness. Ideal for baby and infant eczema
Calms and soothes irritated skin. Can be used indefinitely.
Promotes healing. Non-invasive, high compliance.
Significantly superior to cotton fabric For the prevention, treatment and management of eczema.

DermaSilk® the nearest thing to a second skin.